For Those Who Want To Look And Live Fat Free, AND Be In Their Absolute Prime

FATnosis Prime is where you are directed what to do every single day so that you stay motivated, stay focused AND lose weight

‘Making It EASY For You To Lose & Manage Your Weight Is My Mission’

AND…..Feel More Confident Too!

fatnosis prime

Do you wake up some days feeling that you will never lose weight?

If…yes, I know that can make you feel very down and stop you doing many things like wearing certain clothes and going out socially.

fatnosis prime

And then of course I know you may worry about the health dangers of being too fat.

fatnosis prime

But you can also be forgiven if you have tried all diets going, only to find the weight drops, but then piles back on.


You and I both know that the absolute essential way to lose weight and keep it off,
is sustaining motivation

I have developed the first ever straight talking online motivational weight loss service, where you will be supported and directed what to do, every…Single…Day, so that you stay motivated to lose and manage your weight

The Kind Of Results I Deliver...

fatnosis prime
fatnosis prime
fatnosis prime

‘If you do what I tell you to do then you will lose weight, manage your weight and value yourself as opposed to seeing yourself as second best’

Steve Miller, Founder and Pioneer of FATnosis Prime

How Will I Make This Happen For You?

fatnosis prime

Every single day…

…I will deliver STRAIGHT TALKING MOTIVATIONAL SUPPORT to ensure you stay on track and don’t get derailed. Yes, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

fatnosis prime

Every single week…

…I will also show you every single week how to live by my easy to use 80-20 meal planning system, so you can incinerate diets for good. When I say, ‘EASY TO USE’ I mean ‘EASY’.
fatnosis prime

V.I.P access

You will have V.I.P access to my Renowned Number 1 Hypnosis sessions, delivered by me personally to consistently condition your mind to manage your weight and accelerate your confidence and self-esteem. Yes, V.I.P access to what is now seen by many as the Number 1 RENOWNED Weight Loss Hypnosis Solution.

Your Welcome Guide

As soon as you join, you will be sent a ‘Welcome Guide’, via email. This will explain how FATnosis Prime works, how you will be supported and how best to use it to help you start losing and manage your weight immediately. 

And There is More...

As well as receiving this ongoing daily support, you will receive 3 other big Bonus Extras as part of your membership.

BONUS 1: V.I.P Invitation To Special One Off Online Events

As a member of FATnosis Prime you will also receive V.I.P invitations to my ongoing online events aligned to weight loss and weight management. You will be able to attend any you feel are relevant to helping you. Examples include Emotional Eating, IBS, Menopause Weight Management, Style and Fashion. 


BONUS 2: Personalised Guidance At FATnosis Prime Live Clinics

You will receive V.I.P access to my FATnosis Prime Live Clinics. You will be given special tailored advice as needed so that you can be assured your questions can be answered. So yes, TAILORED SUPPORT to meet your needs.   

BONUS 3: Exclusive Accelerated Confidence Program

I know that losing and managing your weight bolts straight into building your confidence and self-esteem. As a member of FATnosis Prime, you will receive my Accelerated Confidence Program which will include a combination of Hypnosis and a Blueprint so that you can lose weight, manage your weight and build confidence at the same time.

Founder Of FATNOSIS PRIME Is Steve Miller​

Steve is a straight talking Motivational Hypnotherapist, Coach, Published Author and TV regular. He is a Distinction Graduate of the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and a Full Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis. He has been featured widely by the media including ITV, BBC1, Sky News and numerous magazines and newspapers. Steve is also Director of the Association Of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists. With bags of empathy Steve is very action oriented and is very open about his own struggle with clinical depression having taken 40mg of Seroxat / Paroxetine. His mission for the product is to help lift your spirits through the roof to help you manage your depression and move forward positively.

‘Out of everything, I can say hand on heart that FATnosis wins every time. You teach us DIRECT, you teach us that FOOD isn’t the problem and you teach us not to feel GUILTY about enjoying food. But most of all you make it happen by giving us the RIGHT TOOLS’.

Lisa Francesca

Instant Access

Annual Membership:
Just £90 per annum
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Monthly Membership:
Just £20 per month
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Terms and Conditions

  1. Purchasers understand that as soon as they join FATnosis Prime that they will receive an email with an attached guide. This will be sent to the email address that the purchaser uses when joining.
  2. Purchasers recognise that FATnosis Prime is not responsible for the amount of weight lost and how the purchaser manages their weight.
  3. Purchasers recognise that FATnosis Prime is a Mindset and Motivational support and not a diet or nutrition focused programme.
  4. Purchasers agree to have talked with their GP regarding the suitability of FATnosis Prime with any concerns if needed before joining FATnosis Prime.
  5. Purchasers understand and agree that they are solely responsible for cancelling their membership if required, and agree that their membership will terminate on the day that they cancel.
  6. Purchasers acknowledge and understand that they will be required to join the Facebook Group ‘FATnosis Prime’ once they have signed up and that content will be delivered in the Facebook Group and / or via email.
  7. Purchasers have 14 days to cancel their membership from the date of joining. However if the purchaser downloads any FATnosis Prime tools or joins the FATnosis Prime Facebook Group within the 14 days they will forfeit their right to a refund. Purchasers agree that these terms are deemed electronic acknowledgement of this consumer right.
  8. Purchasers agree not to forward on any tools, including but not limited to videos, MP3 audios, E-Guides to any third party and agree this would breach their membership agreement.
  9. Purchasers understand and agree that the Director of FATnosis Prime may terminate the membership of any member if deemed necessary.
  10. Purchasers understand that monthly and annual membership subscriptions are automated renewals and that they are solely responsible for any cancellation.
  11. Purchasers agree that they will conduct themselves within the rules set out by the Director of FATnosis Prime.
  12. Purchasers understand and agree to liaise with their GP or Clinician at any time needed, as they understand FATnosis Prime is not a medical substitute.